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  Money Back Plans
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Jeevan Bharti (Special Money Back Plan for Women)
LIC’s Jeevan Bharati-I – is a plan exclusively for women. It is a with profit plan having special features considering the needs of women. The plan also provides for Accident Benefit, Critical Illness Benefit and Congenital Disability Benefit as optional Riders 1. Encashment of Survival Benefit as and when needed: The policyholder at her option may avail the survival benefit any time on or after its due date. If opted to avail later, increased survival benefit at the rate decided by the corporation from time to time will be payable. 2. Flexibility to pay premiums in advance: The mode of premium payment is only yearly under this plan. However, policyholder may pay the next yearly premium in advance in instalments (maximum upto 3 instalments) during the year. If premiums are paid in advance a premium rebate may be allowed as may be decided by the Corporation from time to time 3. Option to receive maturity proceeds in the form of an annuity: The policyholder shall have the option to receive the maturity proceeds in the form of annuity. The rate of annuity will be based on the annuity rates prevalent at the time of stipulated Date of Maturity. 4. Auto Cover: After two years premiums have been paid, whenever premium payment is discontinued, the life cover for full sum assured will continue for 3 years from the due date of first unpaid premium. If death occurs during the Auto Cover period, then death benefit after deducting unpaid premiums, with interest is payable along with the vested bonus, if any.
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